Welcome TEA Party Patriots!

The Montana Shrugged Group is a grassroots TEA Party organization located in Billings, Montana.


If you are as concerned as we are with higher taxes, higher energy costs, higher gasoline prices, nationalized health care, higher unemployment rates and infringements on your rights to freedom of speech and right to bear arms, then you are a candidate to join up with us and attend these Rallies.  So, saddle up your horse and come on by. 


We are seriously concerned about these radical issues coming out of Washington D. C.  They are going to seriously impact our standard of living and our independent freedoms.   We have, as part of our charter, the ambition to educate the children and others about the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.  Our forefathers fought hard to defeat the tyranny of the King and setup a new world here which was free from the excessive controls of the aristocracy in England. 


Our grandfathers, fathers, sons and daughters still risk their lives to preserve the inalienable freedoms given to us by the Constitution.   It is time for action.